Mar 1, 2010

Albuca namaquensis, Worcester

This Albuca namaquensis, Worcester from south Africa.


 I love spiral leaves.
It's rainy everyday. Only we got sunny on Sunday. And rainy.


Christine said...

I've never seen one of these before. It's very pretty. I love the tendrils in the bottom photo.

Jen said...

You have plants I've never heard of --they are absolutely beautiful!

amarilla said...


Christine said...

Hello Makiko, I hope that you and your family are well. I haven't seen any posts from you in a while.


HARE said...

Well come buck! I am very happy!
I am busy with plants work. I am cleaning my house and garden. I haven't finish those. We have rainy or cloudy almost everyday. I can't take photos. I need the sun.
And I am studying English for comments and the postings.

HARE said...

Thank you! ^^ It's start now.

HARE said...

Yes, I think so too when I have seen always.^^

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