Sep 28, 2010

I found this flower in my greenhouse


A man

He is a national living treasure of metal-casting in Japan.
I took him and nest again.
I will go to his home to take picture by my bike again next month.^^

This is a site of his works.

Sep 23, 2010

A cool morning

It was very cool last night.
Where is the hot summer?

Sep 14, 2010


They are scary and.. I don't know their feeling.

They graduated their dancing team. They have danced since about 3 years old.

Sep 13, 2010

Fish for char

I stayed a camping site by the river on a mountain.

  It was so beautiful! He showed me in his bag.

Sep 10, 2010

The temple's roof

A building of center is tile material of lead on roofs.
So, these are very heavy roof.

The temple's site

Sep 8, 2010

A temple in Takaoka Toyama

It looks cool but! It was 38℃ !!

Chief priest was reading Buddhist sutra.

It was so beautiful.

Sep 7, 2010


I love looking at dancing.
I tried a tap dance last year but I understood that I can't do it.^^;
So, I only love looking.^^ 

I took these photos last year.

It was hot.

I am home from strange place of Toyama Japan.

This is a Bon festival of midsummer festival to welcome the souls of the dead in Toyama.

It was temperature 38 degrees celsius.
I was afraid to deliquesce of rubber of my bike.
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