Jan 31, 2010

Sillicon box

My son is making a box.
He loves  to make something.

What are you making?
It's a box. 


For what?
For fun.


 I will give you.

Can I paint?

 No,  White is the best.

 What can I put in?

He made a bag.

 It's a rainy day today.
Wood box is not finish yet.

Sewing started.

What are you making?
A bag.

For what?
For fun.

Leather and cloth and a bolt. 
This is for birthday gift to friend. 



Jan 28, 2010

Tiny leaves

 In the greenhouse.  

Conophytum calculus ssp. vanzylii

Eriospermum villosum

Eriospermum villosum

Eriospermum. appendiculatum 

 Eriospermum. appendiculatum

Wood box 1

 My son makes some thing.

What are you making?




For what?

 For fun.

He came back to home from the university in the USA this month.
Next, He is going to university in France for film study. 
He studies French from now.
He's 20.

Jan 26, 2010


 Eriospermum brevipes
Old and new leaves


Eriospermum  paradoxum

Jan 22, 2010

Frozen persimmon and..

There is a persimmon took out of my freezer.
The birds come to see if the persimmon is warm enough to eat.
This is mark of starling's beak.


After a moment.......
Right before it falls because it's been pushed by beaks of many birds.

Jan 20, 2010

I met Sloth in Costa Rica

 I met Sloth on a road in Costa Rica.

He or she had a problem here.
"On the road."
I think it is her.
So we couldn't go, me and other cars.

There was a kind and courageous man.
He tried help her.
However, she has long nails.






Happy end.^^

Plants and dolls


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