Jan 22, 2010

Frozen persimmon and..

There is a persimmon took out of my freezer.
The birds come to see if the persimmon is warm enough to eat.
This is mark of starling's beak.


After a moment.......
Right before it falls because it's been pushed by beaks of many birds.


Planthunter said...

You really are a bird-friendly!nice if the birds are helped through the winter.wish you a nice weekend.greetings from Sandra

HARE said...

Hello Sandra,
Yes, my garden has some kind of birds. I love then.^^

tuuluska said...

We also have starlings here in Finland, but only in summer. I read that they usually go to Britain, France and Belgium in wintertime. It would have been nice if they came to your garden in winter. Next summer I'll tell them to come to your place, because you give them delicious fruits ^^.
But this Japanese white-eye I've never seen.

HARE said...

Yes, we have the starlings now. They are come to my garden to eat fruit on our a food unit. Maybe form your Finland.

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