Jan 15, 2010

Albuca namaquensis

Don't you feel like to put a pencil in the spiral shaped leaf?
In the greenhouse.


Planthunter said...


Great foto from a spezial plant.
Thanks for your visit........to your question: this Hydrangea in german called "Hopcorn" it means ["Blümchen wie Popcorn"] "Flower like Popcorn" ....i hope you can understand my very bad english.........have a nice weekend......Gruss Sandra

HARE said...

Thank you for your answer sandra.
I like "Hopcorn".^^

tuuluska said...

This "pencil-plant" is a charming one! You have many photos of flower's I've never even heard of. So exotic. How does your greenhouse look like? Is it a house with plasticwalls or is it made of glass?

HARE said...

Yes,I live in a warm place,and these plants are from south Africa.

I have two small plastic green houses with heaters inside.

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