Jan 13, 2010

A Japanese white-eye (Mejiro)

Do you know moss-green bird ?


 My garden has a bird table.


 It is eating  a Japanese persimmon.
I have a lot of this fruit in my freezer for birds.
And I give it bird every day.



Planthunter said...

Visitors do you have a beautiful da.this kind does not exist in Germany .Gruss Sandra

HARE said...

Hello, Sandra.
Right, maybe you haven't seen this kind in German.
These birds like warm place. I give foods to these birds only in the winter. Usually they live in mountain.

ヒゲMac said...

Hi HARE, Thank you for leave your comments to my blog. I just decited to drop by here and leave my comments. ここまでが限界です、すみませんHAREさん・・・英語いまだpoorなんです・・・悲しい・・・どうしてそんなに英語できるのですかぁ~あちら生まれ? それこそThis is a penしか知らなかった人間で、それでも2年間ほどカナダで仕事探して暮らしてみたのですが・・・ベースの語学レベルが低すぎてダメでした・・・勉強のコツってあるのでしょうか?


ヒゲMac said...




HARE said...


tuuluska said...

I found your blog yesterday, but did'n leave a comment. I was browsing foreign blogs and somehow got here ^^
You have nice photos, these birds and your bird table are nice. We have a lot of snow here in Finland, but some brave species do stay here and eat the seeds we offer them.
I also like gardening, I am a gardener,and it's nice to see how gardens are in your country.
I'll visit here again. Hope you understand my "not so good" english ^_^

HARE said...

Hello tuuluska.
Seems like you like gardening too.
I am looking forward to be looking next spring in your blog.^^

And I think your English is good.
I am studing English now.^^

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