Jan 25, 2010

My garden smile


Japanese quince



Planthunter said...

beautiful harbingers of spring,We had snow again........I'm waiting for spring....your pictures to sweeten the waiting time...greetings from Sandra

HARE said...

Hello,Yes you have snow again I saw it on your blog.
Maybe you are busy now.
I will post some of my plants this blog for you.

Gabrielle Marsden said...

you do love flowers! lovely
my hyacinth that you commented on is blooming
more bulbs

HARE said...

Hi Gabrielle Marsden,
Thank you for your comment.
Yes your hyacinth is great.I love hyacinth too.^^

Christine said...

These beautiful harbingers of spring are also what I just photographed in my garden this afternoon. I love your photos. So perfect!

HARE said...

Thank you Christine,
However, we don't have flowers any more. I'm waiting for Spring too.

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