Jan 28, 2010

Wood box 1

 My son makes some thing.

What are you making?




For what?

 For fun.

He came back to home from the university in the USA this month.
Next, He is going to university in France for film study. 
He studies French from now.
He's 20.


ヒゲMac said...

What does he making? and what dose he study goals to france for film study?

tuuluska said...

You have a beautiful son. He has seen a lot travelling around! I was sure he was making a house for your birds. ^^

HARE said...




HARE said...

Is he beautiful? Thank you.^^
He will go to around France.
Bird house. I hope so.^^

amarilla said...

I bet you two have a nice time together. Will we see what the box becomes?

Christine said...

What a lucky son to be able to travel and study abroad. I can't wait to see the finished box. ^^

HARE said...

Yes, I am happy, because I hadn't seen my son for a year. ^^
He's going to making.

Of course I will show you.Thanks.

HARE said...

Yes,he is.
I'm studying English to talk to people who speak English too.
Box. He made another box before the wood one.

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