Jan 20, 2010

I met Sloth in Costa Rica

 I met Sloth on a road in Costa Rica.

He or she had a problem here.
"On the road."
I think it is her.
So we couldn't go, me and other cars.

There was a kind and courageous man.
He tried help her.
However, she has long nails.






Happy end.^^


Taru said...

Poor sloth! She really needed help. I think that after that adventure, she took a long- lasting dreams.

Planthunter said...

What is it? I only know of such an animal from the zoo.Poor creature!!!!Great to see made a good end!greetings from Sandra

HARE said...

Hello Sandra,
This animal is name Sloth, it is come down the tree for excretion once a week. ^^

Planthunter said...

Thank you very much for the answer!
greetings from Sandra

Jen said...

Good thing that man came along and moved that sloth, otherwise you could have sat there on the road for a good long time, :)
Ha! great pictures.

HARE said...

Jen, Thank you for your visiting.
Yes, this sloth is very lucky...and me too.^^

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