Mar 15, 2010

Spring in my house and the garden

Edgeworthia chrysantha

Edgeworthia chrysantha


Paeonia suffruticosa Paeonia

Eomecon chionantha.

I made changing sofa cavers.


Eomecon chionantha.


Christine said...

All the flower photos are so beautiful. I especially like the blue sky behind the magnolia. And I love your spring colors on the sofa. I'm going to look up Eomecon now. I've never heard of it.

HARE said...

Thank you.^^
Eomecon is Snow poppy. They are cute.

Prairie Painter said...

Makiko, your flowers are beautiful - as is your photography of them! I am back on your March 15th blog entry and am envious of spring there! We're still melting snow here but we're seeing the Narcissus leaves reaching out of the ground now!

HARE said...

Prairie Painter,
Yes, we have already Spring air and warm. I love your snow landscape photos and wolf.
I am glad for your following for my blog. Thank you very much.

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