Mar 28, 2010

Spring blue

I went to a zoo near my house today.
I am going to be a volunteer guide there.
However, I don't like zoos because I think animals trapped  there are very poor.
Anyway I will do.


ヒゲMac said...

A first Pic, This is so nice and beautiful Pic. I like it!

Christine said...

There is your muscari! ^^
Aren't they sweet?

Christine said...

And are those blueberry blossoms? I have several varieties in my garden. We eat them all summer long.

HARE said...


HARE said...

Yes,they are so sweet.^^

I tried blueberry. I will eat them too.^^

tuuluska said...

Hope you have a nice time being a zoo-guide ^^. I also think that animals need freedom. But zoos are ok when they take care of sick or injured animals.

HARE said...

Yes, they need it.
I will be friendly to animals.^^

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