Mar 12, 2010

I made a table.

The size of This table is 120cmx89cm.
I wanted wooden table like this.  Nothing premium and nor perfect.
This is good for me.^^

He is making something too.

This is front of my bed room window north side here .  
Akebia quinata,Edgeworthia chrysanth and.. 

This Euonymus alatus hasmany buds.


tuuluska said...

You are quite a carpenter(and obviously your son is too)! You made a beautiful table, I like simple and clear things.
Also nice to see pictures of your house, your garden looks green already! Climbers are my favourites and Akebia quinata is a gorgeous one... but my place is far too cold for it. An so is Euonymus alatus too, I have only seen it in photos. Edgeworthia chrysanth is totally strange plant to me, never heard of it.
Thanks for these pictures ^^.

ヒゲMac said...

Wow! HAREさん家の全容が少し見えましたねぇ、なんだかとてものどかな感じでいいですねぇ。

amarilla said...

Love the table! You are very inspiring!

Christine said...

Your table is beautiful, Makiko. You are now the second woman I know who has made her own wooden table. I'm so envious!^^
it's so nice to see your house and garden. It's lovely.

HARE said...

Our garden is already green and Spring. I love Akebia flowers.^^

I am cleaning in my house now, busy busy^^

HARE said...


HARE said...

Thank you.^^

HARE said...

I love make something. Next, I am going to try cook your menu on your blog.

Planthunter said...

You are a very good manual workman!! I like the table! green greetings Sandra

HARE said...

Thank you very much sandra!
I am happy.^^

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