Mar 9, 2010


Haworthia cymbiformis

Haworthia pygmaea

Haworthia truncata v. maughanii

Haworthia nigra

Haworthia turgida f. variegata

Haworthia turgida f. variegata

Haworthia truncata f. variegata

Haworthia truncata cv.

Haworthia hyb.

Haworthia truncata f. variegata

Haworthia cymbiformis v. transiens

Haworthia arachnoidea var. setata, GM 494

Haworthia cooperi v. venusta, GM292 NE Alexandria

Haworthia cv. 'obtusa'
These are spring African leaves in the greenhouse.
Haeorthias are succulent plants.
Some leaves of haworthia have beautiful clear windows.
I love these windows. ^^


Prospero said...

Makiko, this selection of photos is superlative. Each plant is a true gem. The sheer scope of form and texture is absolutely remarkable. You have a fantastic blog!

The plant my garden is Aloinopsis malherbei. It blooms in spring, usually ahead of my peach tree.

Christine said...

What a marvelous selection of succulents - all so different yet all in the same genus! The plant world is a wonderful place, isn't it?
Lovely photos, Makiko. Thank you so much for creating this blog to share your passion with us. :)

prairie painter said...

Makiko, I have never seen the genus Haeorhias before (or hadn't realized it). These are beautiful images - thank you.

amarilla said...

Incredible. Are these mostly desert plants? They look so juicy.

HARE said...

Yes, They are looks gem. I think so too.^^
Your garden spring is faster than my garden.^^

HARE said...

Oh, I am enjoying on your blog. I am so happy for you look to my photos.
Thank you Christine.^^

HARE said...

prairie painter,
Thank you very much. I am happy for you had a look my photos.^^
I love these leaves. They are so mysterious for me.

HARE said...

They are from here, amarilla.

>>They look so juicy.
Yes, think so too.^^

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