Mar 8, 2010

Salamander in my garden

 We ware cleaning my garden and the greenhouse last Sunday.

I found this animal. Do you know what this is?
This is a sleeping salamander. The salamander has been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.
The salamander had never woke up at this time never.
So my husband Tetu said " fill a plastic container with water on the salamander. she will wake up soon in this Spring".

This is a baby salamander on Tetu's hand,
when we cleaned our garden in the summer in 2007.
Look, her(? maybe both) fingers.
and her belly. She is very obedient.


 We don't know why staying in our garden. We love the salamanders.



tuuluska said...

Sometimes it would be nice to be a salamander and sleep from september to may! Maybe wake up for a while at christmas-time. I think we have this same animal in Finland (Triturus vulgaris) and we call it "water lizard". I have only seen it once!

Christine said...

I love your salamander photos and I love salamanders! We have many of them in the garden. Where I live, this is the time of year that they begin to move about. Now I have to be very careful of them because of the chickens.

HARE said...

This salamander loves clean water, so your place has very clean water too.
You call "water lizard". Yes, it is look like lizard. ^^

HARE said...

Your garden has salamander too? That is nice!
Chickens eat salamander.
Golden fishes eat baby salamander in water, but we need the fishes because they eat mosquito baby too.^^;

prairie painter said...

Very fun having this amphibian in your garden - lucky!

We have frogs and toads in ours but never a salamander!

HARE said...

pararie painter,
Yes, I am very lucky. ^^
We have frogs, toads, snakes and newts. I love all of them.

chibani said...

I did never see any salamender. We have a lot of frogs in a little pond in our park from april or march but no salamander. It's a nice lizard.

hare said...


Thank you for visit my blog.
I didn't know about they live in my garden.
When I was cleaning in my garden I found them. ^^

hare said...


Salamander is actually an amphibian.^^

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