Mar 23, 2010

Lachenalia viridiflora (January)

Beautiful color viridian.

I love finished L. viridiflora too.^^


Prospero said...

My gosh, Makiko... you have it!

What a gorgeous color. So startling. This is my favorite bulbous plant. Incredible!

amarilla said...

The COLOR, that extraterrestrial blue again! Reminds me of Matthew's oil beetles.

HARE said...

I love this color too.^^

HARE said...

They are very fanny about Mattew's oil beetles and this Lachenalia viridiflora's color. And Matthew is interesting too. ^^
Thank you amarilla.

tuuluska said...

So many new photos here in your blog! I like the ones of your son as he is working, he looks so young and excited. Not all young men are so skillful!

These red-blue flowers are charming... we are still waiting for the snow to disappear!!!

HARE said...

Oh, thank you tuuluska.
Yes, he is looks so young.^^

In Finland, yes. We have rain almost every day this Spring. ^^;

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