Feb 25, 2010

Pinguicula esseriana

These leaves have sticky red spots and tiny insects stick to it.




Scott (AKA Bull Rhino) said...

It seems like every time I come to your blog the best words I can think of are "So delicate and beautiful" That just describes the great shots you take of these beautiful plants.

Emma said...

They are stunning!! such a delicate colour...
I agree with Scott, beautiful photos x

Prospero said...

Hi Makiko. Did you grow your Pinguicula from seed, tissue culture or did you purchase your plant?

Do you have any other carnivorous plants in your collection. I have over 100 Dionaea muscipulas in my garden. This year I am planting Sarracenias and will put them in the same garden.

Taru said...

Lovely little plants! Just like decorations of cake : )

HARE said...

I am glad. Thank you.^^

HARE said...

Yes! They are so lovely.^^
Thank you.

HARE said...

I bought sets and I don't seedling Pinguicula but Albuca and other plants are seedling.

I had Dionaea muscipulas and I have Sarrasenia.
Oh, do you have it too? ^^

HARE said...

Yes, I think so too.^^

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