Feb 6, 2010

Stone cat

The stone cat usually sitting by the stove happily is warming her back by the window.
It is a girl cat.
I uploaded this picture to show this stone cat became sun cat now.

”Give me some meal Maki!”


Her name's MINA.

It's her back  
This is a real stone. This cat weighs 9.1kgs..

Stove cat.


geraldgee said...

Does she have a heart of stone?
Great photos.

HARE said...

Ye~~s, she has very hot heart.
Thank you geraldgee. I love taking photos too. ^^

Planthunter said...

What a nice cat!! Grüne Grüße Sandra

Christine said...

What a great cat is Mina. Does she move around a lot? ^^

tuuluska said...

Uuuu, quite heavy cat you have! And she has powerful looks! She looks so japanise, beautiful!

HARE said...

Yes, it is I think so too. I love this cat.^^

HARE said...

Some times she become the hallway doer stopper.^^

HARE said...

Hahaha^^ Yes, she is Japanese "the sitting cat". She is so heavy lovely cat.^^

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