Feb 23, 2010


Androcymbium ciliolatum






Prospero said...

What a beautiful plant, Makiko!

My Lithops are surviving and my Albuca is thriving (loves the cool weather). Last summer I grew a few African plants from seed. They are mostly small trees and shrubs. The list is as follows:
Calpurnia aurea, Dombeya cacuminum, Hibiscus pedunculatus and Moringa ovalifolia. I also have a few clove tree (a spice tree) sapplings that I want to plant out. I'm waiting for the winds to calm down a bit before planting everything out.

Do you grow any Clivia species?

HARE said...

Thank you! Those are very good!!

>Do you grow any Clivia species?
Yes, I love Clivia. I will show you.^^

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