Feb 8, 2010

Warm warm



 These are Ornithogalum spiral leaves.



amarilla said...

Ornithogalum spiral!

There's no words...

Jen said...

Oh how lucky you are to have these.
I just buy plants and hope for the best.

Christine said...

Oh, I love your greenhouses! You must love to be inside them when it's cold outside and your plants are all warm and cozy within. Thank you so much for sharing them in photos, Makiko! ^^
I'm going to be away from my blog for several weeks. I'll re-connect with you when I return.

HARE said...

Yes, I like spiral leaves like Ornithogalum spirals.^^

HARE said...

These greenhouses are made by my husband.Plants make us happy.^^

HARE said...

I am looking forward to see the Spring and your return.^^

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