Feb 9, 2010

They are waiting for ..



He got a driving license today.



Prospero said...

Hello Hare. Thanks for posting pictures of your greenhouse.

Your ornithogalum with spiral leaves looks like my Albuca spiralis.

Christine said...

The top photo looks to be a little leaf bud, yes?
I'm still here. Flight cancelled because of snow storm. Maybe tomorrow.

HARE said...

Oh, you have Albuca spiralis, I have too.
You are growing out side too? like Conophytum?
I love Albuca spiralis!

HARE said...

The top photo is Hydrangea's new leaf.^^

You have snow storm. I had warm rain today.
Enjoy traveling Christine.^^

Planthunter said...

Congratulations on your driver's license.eine aufregende Zeit für beide.My eldest son is only 9 years this is still going until he makes sure the stony drive....greetings from Sandra

HARE said...

My son still drives nervously.^^
Oh, your son is cute. My son was cute, too.^^

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