Feb 14, 2010

My garden has some fruit trees, but.

It's rainy again. 
My garden has a Kumquat tree.
I can't eat this Kumquat. My mother says it has good taste but I don't eat it. 




I like this  pomelo. It looks like a grapefruit but is sweeter.
Japanese name of the pomelo is Buntan.

This is a Citrus hassaku in Japan.
It's like oranges, but orange is sweeter than hassaku.
I don't eat this either. I give it to birds some times.


Planthunter said...

always, there is still snow in my garden,the fruit is ripe now,or are the photos from last year?The birds are lucky.
greetings from Sandra

Bull Rhino said...

All of them look very tasty to me. Very pleasant photographs.


HARE said...

I took these photos yesterday because We don't have no snow like south Italy.

HARE said...

Bull Rhino,
Thank you. I am happy.^^

amarilla said...

Do you live in heaven?

HARE said...

Oh. Thank you. amarilla.^^

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