Feb 11, 2010

I made four table cloths with new Spring image.

It's rainy today and yesterday. But this rain as warm like Spring shower.

So I went to cloths shop with my son drives.
I bought some cloths for our table clothes.
I have a sewing machine but it was broken so I just finished one and a half of table cloths. It's OK.

 Then I was sewing, sewing and sewing. I finished the other two table cloths by my hands.^^



Planthunter said...

Wonderful table cloths.....you´ve make a great job!greetings from Sandra

amarilla said...

I would like a skirt of the same fabric with the same ruffle. Talented family!

Christine said...

Hi Makiko, These are lovely tablecloths. I think that many would have stopped sewing if the machine was broken, but you just finished them by hand. I find that wonderful.^^
Still haven't left yet. They say tomorrow...

Prospero said...

These are really beautiful, Makiko. You have a wonderful talent.

HARE said...

I'm feeling Spring!^^

HARE said...

That is nice! ^^
I am going to make something cloths more.

HARE said...

hahaha, Thank you.^^
Could you go today? You were waited waited. But I am happy for your came this blog.^^

HARE said...

Thank you, I am happy.^^

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