Jun 17, 2010

Nerium indicum

This Nerium indicummy is one of my favorite flower trees.

This red.

It's very big and so many flowers and beautiful red.
It is regular tree in my garden.

It was different a little yesterday morning..
(Please, look at the Nerium indicum photo on the left and on the bottom, It has broken.)   

Like this..The branch had slept and looks spirits.
Nerium indicum is very vigorous plant.

By the way, What do you think about their petal's sharp?
I imagine a bell. This one of these petals are  looks like a bell of a reindeer with Santa Claws.
I saw this sharp on a picture book of "Polar express" .
Don't you imagine so?


Out walking the dog said...

What a beautiful tree. Yes, I think I remember those bells in The Polar Express.

HARE said...

out waking the dog,
Thank you! I love that book.^^

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