Jun 20, 2010

Beautiful nature out of window and

At 6:00 of  this morning.

I woke up at 5:10,
I had been reading the poem,
when I looked at out of window, it was there.

It was slender, willowy, beautiful and it has the venom fangs.

It was Rhabdophis tigrinus. Oh the venom!
I can't go out to the garden,

 I love these scene.

Under the pillow in my bed room.


Christine said...

Spiders and snakes all in the same morning? That would surely make me not to go in my garden! I love the last photo - hands together. It's beautiful even if there is a spider in it. ^^

Matthew said...

How lovely, snake included.

Hilde said...

I love your photos, but I would not go into the garden if there was a snake.
We have no snakes here, but there are many snails and spiders in my garden.

The white flower in the below post is so beautiful.

amarilla said...

You need some antidote on hand, you can't stay in forever!

HARE said...

Yes, they are same day. I used a wide-long zoom Lens to take pictures from my bed room through out of window. ^^

HARE said...

Wow! Matthew! Thank you! ^^

HARE said...

Yes, I can't into the garden after see the snake.
I love spiders!^^

HARE said...

Yes, I think so too.
When If, I need a antiserum. ^^;

Prairie Painter said...

I do like snakes but don't let my wife see them on the prairie because she doesn't like them.

The photos of the snails are wonderful - the snake too!

hare said...

Thank you Prairie Painter,
I like just looking at the snakes too, like your wife.^^

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