Jun 9, 2010

I'll try

I'm reading poem book and I want to make poem wonderfully.
And so I have to study English more. My teacher is my poem books.

Photograph teacher ? Movies ! I'm watching movies everyday on DVD.^^

But do I have to write some words by photos? 
Yes ! I need good words with photos.
practice practice.

make photo poems


Scott said...

It must be working because you've made a beautiful photo poem here.

Christine said...

Scott is right, Makiko. You have made a beautiful poem, both with your words and with your photos. :)

HARE said...

Oh! Thank you Scott. I have to do more practice .^^

HARE said...

Thank you, but I didn't read poems until this time. I understood about poems are very fun to me too.^^

Prairie Painter said...

You are making poetry through your images Makiko; thank you for that!

HARE said...

Prairie painter,
Do you think so? Thank you.
I'm glad.^^

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