Jun 2, 2010

About feeling

I'm reading this book now.
I asked my friend about her books because I didn't have God in my feeling in my life.
My feeling didn't have God. If I wanted to know about my American friend's feeling, I should read to learn about their feeling.
"to feel" is very important to me.
I'm afraid that if my feelings and her feelings are different. I wish to understand their feelings for our communication and myself.

I made a book cover for this poem book
because I can't read fast so this book will get dirty when I finished.


amarilla said...

Many people who have a feeling of "God" somehow wind up being dangerous people- they crave perfection and power and to project an image of being beyond fault. As St. Augustine wrote, like our unconscious minds, God is closer to us than we are to ourselves, so in some ways it doesn't matter if we have a feeling or concept for God. We are much better off with people who can't tell where they end and where love begins.

Nice cover: I have been noticing a lot of plaid lately. It gives me a feeling of Self/self (God according to Maharshi). I wonder why that is?

HARE said...

These your comments are new information for me. I became interested in about God!
I read about St. Augustine now.
And Maharshi. I didn't know about him. I will read about him too.
Thank you amarilla!

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