Apr 19, 2011

Spring in Manhattan


Christine said...

From your photos, spring feels very beautiful in Manhattan. And you seem very happy! ^^

hare said...

Yes,I am very happy. but I caught a cold.^^;

chibani007 said...

I'm always happy looking your blog.

hare said...

I know you, but I have not been slept from 1:00 am to 2;49am for about 25 hours today for my job in Japan. I am so busy. I have to sleep, I know, but I can't.

Thank you


chibani007 said...

I see, Maki. You have to rest for some days. See you later.

hare said...

I can't rest. I am very busy. I was working for 26hours yesterday, and now too. And I have to go out next week for 2 weeks.

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