Apr 15, 2011

23 St.


Planthunter said...

Hello Makito

I see you're still in New York.

The photos in black and white are great.

Wish you a pleasant stay still.

Green Greetings Sandra

PS I was glad to hear that you are okay.
I wanted to report a lot earlier ...... but I had to do much once again .........

hare said...

I came to NY March 6 th to study English. But I can't speak English yet. I will be come back Japan at May 1st, so too short to learn speark English.^^;

My hometown is more south side, so, we were okay.Thank you Sandra.^^
Have a good spring.

Prairie Painter said...

The light and composition from 23rd Street is very nice Maki! Hope you enjoy the rest of April there in New York!

hare said...

Prairie Painter,
Yes! It's Spring in NY. I think shining of America is different from Japan. I like this. Thank you. ^^

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