Apr 9, 2011

I met Spring today



Christine said...

Hi Maki! I see that the spring flowers are making you happy! ^^ And I am happy for you!

hare said...


Yes! Today, I was so happy to met Spring. And day by day, I love NY and America. There is here, that we Japanese people lost feeling. I found it here. Thank you.^^

Prairie Painter said...

The trees are blooming in New York! It will be a little while before they start here, thank you for the beautiful images!

hare said...

Prairie Painter,

I am looking forward to see out side everyday.^^

Planthunter said...

Hallo Makito
Wonderful flowers ,graet pictures.

Green greetings Sandra

hare said...

Hello, Sandra.

I am enjoying spring in NY.^^
Thank you Sandra.^^

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