Jul 4, 2010

Wild orange color


This orange color flower, called Yabuconzo or Wasure-gusa(grass forget) in Japanese and Daylily in English.


Some how, I love this wild orange color flower. 
They are flowering front of my house every year.

Rough and crushed petals.
I feel generosity of wild.
Can you hear me? I want to talk about my feeling to you. I know you will forget.
I 'm glad to just listen to me.



Prairie Painter said...

Makiko, I wondered where these lilies originated. Are they native to your region? (We call them Day Lilies here, as you mentioned.)

We have them here at the farm where my wife plants them in drifts along the hillside drive.

We also see them along the country roads here where farmsteads used to exist but are no longer there. They stay as a reminder to people's lives and labor...their hopes and dreams.

hare said...

Prairie Painter,
Oh, was that so? That's beautiful story!

And you have these lilies too. 
Yes, Day Lilies,I read about this, it's from china.

Thank you Prairie Painter.^^

Chibani007 said...

I love that orange flower. In french it's a LYS.

hare said...

Do you have this flower in France too? Oh, it's nice!^^

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