Jul 15, 2010

Lilium 'Casa Blanca

They were waited for come home to me in a rain in my garden.
They are looks coyly.

I don't have any friends in my place, I have only my husband.
I need trips to make some meet and to meet people and conversations.
My bike's name is BEBE. I'm always chatting with her on my trip in Japan.

My friends are flowers in my garden.

Always, I think that I don't want to take trip by my bike again, because too tired to long riding. However, I want to go out to next trip.

So, I'm thinking now to next.
I would like to do a small photo exhibition of my photos of YOSAKOI at another country.
This trip was a practice of taking photos for YOSAKOI festival in Japan next month.

And I'm very glad because I got friends. Thank you for visit to my blog.


geraldgee said...

Lovely photo Hare,from one of your friends.
What make is Bebe?

Hilde said...

White lilies are very pretty, I like your photo.
Hope you can make a photo exibition. Good luck :)

hare said...

The name from Brigitte Bardot.^^
I like her.

hare said...

Thank you Hilde, I have to do something for my life.^^

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