Jul 28, 2010

I met them on the trip.

They come to Kochi the dance on the festival from kanagawa.

 Before dinner and after the practice.

They came to Kanagawa from Kyusyu , Sizuoka, saitama, Tokyo, Miyagi, Nagoya and Kochi and more to practice the dance.

Coming soon the festival
They love Ogura YOSAKOI dance.

He is Ogura of a choreographer.
He came to Kanagawa from kochi to guidance of his dance of YOSAKOI 2010 of the summer.

Hands 's move are very important to his dance, it's not only moving arms.
The move with feel of mind.


Hilde said...

Very interesting photos. Hope the festival will be nice :)

hare said...

Thank you Hilde, but it's too hot to dance out side.^^;

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