Jul 15, 2010

Lilium speciosum shower

I met these wild flowers.

This is one of my good meeting on my trip by bike.


Scott said...

Oh what gorgeous and delicate little blooms.

Christine said...

Oh, how beautiful they are!! These were growing wild? We have an orange tiger lily that grows wild in some of our forests, but yours are much more delicate and lovely.
Welcome home Makiko. I'll be home early next week. ^^

Hilde said...

Welcome home, I hope you had a nice trip :)

It's really a delicate and pretty wildflower you found. The photos are beautiful.

Very interesting posts below, about the solar eclipse. Thanks for sharing.

Prairie Painter said...

Beautiful lilies; love the way they grow. Hope you had a nice trip!

amarilla said...

You've captured rare elegance as usual Maki. It's very generous of you.

hare said...

Yes, they are. I love this place. Here is my secret.^^

hare said...

Yes, they are wild! I know the orange tiger lily,I saw them too.
We call orange tiger lily Ogre lily in Japan.^^
Thank you Christine, from out your home.^^

hare said...

Thank you Hilde, I had good time on this trip.^^
I met beautiful things!

hare said...

Prairie Painter,
Doesn't they? They are look at below the flowers.^^
My trip was very nice. Thank you.^^

hare said...

Yes, amarilla.
I love these flowers and here. I go here in this season every year.
They were looks very mysterious for me.

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