Jul 17, 2010

Cliff lily

We call this flower Cliff lily in kochi Japan.

I and my husband went to another spot to see this lily on a mountain near our house today.
We could see them a little.

He took me.^^

 And I washed my riding-suit and side bags of my bike in a bath tab in my house.
These suits has protector pad.


Prairie Painter said...

The top image of the Lilies is very nicely done; thank you for sharing it!

hare said...

Thank you Prairie Painter.
I love this flower. I feel wild flowers are so kind for us.

Hilde said...

I love wild flowers too, and the cliff lily is gorgeous. You are so lucky to have such a pretty wild flower growing near your home.

hare said...

Yes, I'm lucky that I found this spot last year on the mountain.
We are happy for see this flower.^^

Planthunter said...

Hello Makito
We are on holiday
but would you call in your blog to say hello .....
Although I can not comment on anything ....
for us it is very hot .... to 38 ° C. ..
there remains only the shadow around it somehow endure ...-
Wish you a nice summer!
See you soon
Green Greetings Sandra

hare said...

Thank you Sandra. Have a nice summer too.^^

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