Apr 28, 2010



I am going to trip by bike with my son for about one week.
We are making plan of the trip.
 He uses 250cc and I use 90cc one, the other bike of mine.
We will ride for about 1500km.


Prospero said...

Have a good trip, Makiko!

amarilla said...

Have fun! What an amazing web, it is etched in the air.

HARE said...

Thank you. We go to trip tomorrow morning.^^

HARE said...

He try to trip by bike first time. I will fun.^^

Christine said...

I'm sorry to have missed wishing you a wonderful trip, Maki. I know it will be. The top photo of the web is very beautiful. I look forward to your posts when you return.

HARE said...

Thank you Christine, I came home this morning.

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