Apr 15, 2010

Tree peony

I love peony flowers broth of bloom and fade.

I went to bed because of a cold. Thank you for visiting my blog again.


Taru said...

Fantastic colours on your peonies. Two colours in one!!! I love them. And I think peonies keep you a litte bit warm : )

HARE said...

This color is from last year. This peony was pink two years ago .

Christine said...

Once again, one of my favorite flowers! These don't grow well where I live, so I don't have any. I love the colors and that they changed from pink!
I hope you are feeling better now Maki.

Prospero said...

a harlequinesque effusion of color!

HARE said...

Thank you for your care to me. I feel very good now.^^

HARE said...

Flower's color is really interesting.^^

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