Apr 19, 2010


We have rain every day.  It's strange weather!


Taru said...

Lilac is my favourite!
Our lilacs here in Finland don`t have any leaf yet. I´m waiting : )

Planthunter said...

after rain it coming the sun!!i hold the fingers crossed for you...green greetings Sandra

Prospero said...

A delicate beauty.

Our weather is strange this year too!

The flower you asked about is Ratibida columnaris. And, yes, all the flowers from my blog are from around my little house by the sea.

HARE said...

Oh, you live the Lilac too. I am glad.
If you posting of Lilac, I can to see Lilac again. So I am waiting for your Lilac too.

HARE said...

Yes! we have the Sun today. thank you, Sandra.^^

HARE said...

Oh, you too? It's strange, all of the world!

Thank you about the flower name. That is very funny! There are a lot of good flowers in around your house!

prairie painter said...

We've been moving our Lilac suckers all around the acreage the past few years and now have dozens of bushes everywhere...also looking forward to them blooming but are just at the leaf bud stage right now.

Love their smell and colors!

HARE said...

Your place has Lilac too! Yes! love smell and soft color. ^^

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