Apr 7, 2010

My cherry blossoms

My little cherry blossom tree in my garden.

I took this picture in rainy today.  But I like little rain.
Riverside of cherry blossoms trees is for hanami.
Hanami means seeing flowers and the flowers mean cherry blossoms in almost cases.April is turning point for us in Japan.
We celebrate the graduation and enrollment for elementary school, junior high school, high school, university with cherry blossoms in April.


amarilla said...

Is hanami a synonym for bliss?

Prairie Painter said...

Love the light and background on your cherry blossoms Makiko. Leaves a very pleasant visual feeling.

We're hoping our cherry blossoms don't come too soon as we're having too cold of temperatures right now. There's even still snow in the ravines of the valley here. Our poor bees are getting pretty impatient for some real nectar!

HARE said...

Prairie Painter,
Oh, thank you!
My son had living in Wisconsin for three years. He told me Wisconsin was very cold because temperature is -40 degrees in Fahrenheit in Winter. Iowa is next Wisconsin I know listening your coldness.

HARE said...

amarilla, I went to riverside of cherry blossoms trees for took the cherry blossoms.
And hanami means seeing flowers and the flowers mean cherry blossoms in almost cases.

Christine said...

That is a beautiful riverside scene. The cherry blossoms make it all so lively and new!

HARE said...

We have a lot of the Cherry blossom trees in many parks and mountain in Japan. These are so beautiful!^^

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