Apr 2, 2010

It is sunset of a fishing village in Japan

I like here. A fishing village and sunset. 
I had come here with  my son many times, when he was a elementary school boy.

 Here has not anything special. Here is scenery as usual.
 Just their lives.


Scott said...

What a gorgeous photo of that little fishing village with the sunset and the boat. I really like it!

HARE said...

Do you think so? Thank you.

amarilla said...

The bottom photo makes me feel incredibly peaceful. What eyes you have. I woke up today with the thought "space is ALIVE." Photos like yours seem to prove it.

Prospero said...

You have the heart of a poet, Makiko.

HARE said...

"space is ALIVE." I agree! ^^

HARE said...

Oh, sweet.^^

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