May 8, 2010

Peony's emotion

What do you feel ?


My peony has many kind of emotion.
This color is one of my favorite.


Christine said...

Such a beautiful, deep red. To me it feels energizing. I love reds! It's nice to see you back on your blog, Makiko! I hope you had a good trip with your son.

HARE said...

This red is really deep.
We had good time while this trip. Thank you Christine.^^

amarilla said...

Flowers like these remind me to consider my blood and all that it accomplishes second by second, and they give me a sense of freedom and passion.

HARE said...

I am glad. Your comment is like a poem. Yes, I feel that way too.

Prospero said...

Makiko, we have so many emotions that flowers somehow like to wear.

HARE said...

Yes! I think and hope so.
I have conversation with them to know.

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