May 9, 2010

Michelia figo

(banana bush)

Around my entrance is filled with the smell of vanilla from these flowers of vanilla ice cream color.  

Do you feel the smell?


Scott said...

These are beautiful. I love the colors with the purple edges. You raise beautiful flowers and do very nicely on photographing them.

Christine said...

These are such beautiful flowers. I love the purple edges. Just like Scott. :)
I want to have this in my garden! ^^

HARE said...

Thank you very much! I am so glad.^^

HARE said...

This flower has sweet fragrance. I like this smell.^^

amarilla said...

Yes, VERY elegant piping on these petals and inside the anthers, gorgeous colors to compliment the vanilla smell. Do you know the common name?

HARE said...

English name is"banana bush" and Japanese name is "Ogatama-no-ki" which means "spirit summoning tree."

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