May 28, 2010


I was weak at zoos.

Only while I feel they have spirits, I am glad to be near them.

If I can

I wish to watch them in a jungle from a cage.

I went to a zoo by my mortar bike. It took 8 hours to go and come back.
Around my eyes turned red again, so I should not go to zoo any more.
I don't know why.
I can touch cats and dogs but "Zoo" makes me allergy.  


Scott said...

I feel sorry for the monkeys and many other animals in cages. I always hope they are being treated well and taken care of.

Prospero said...

Hi Makiko. We have a small zoo here and I could spend an entire day watching the ring-tailed lemurs.

HARE said...

Yes, I hope so too. I wish give green them at least.

HARE said...

Oh, the ring-tailed lemurs are so cute aren't they?

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