May 13, 2011

An old man in Brooklyn

I met an old man in Brooklyn.
I had wanted to meet him before come to NY, because I saw him on a blog of my friend in Brooklyn.
He is 83years old and he had been to Japan for 2 years 65 years before.
He showed me some pictures of he took in Japan when he lived in Japan to do his work.

He sang for us Japanese old songs and he speaks Japanese.
I have promised him to come to Brooklyn to meet him.
It was very good experience for us.


ヒゲMac said...

Nice composition, you always be well that.

hare said...

Really? I had met a loot of people in NY.
I will be here again to take pictures of people.^^

Chibani007 said...

Did you realy meet interesting people at New York?

hare said...

Yes, I did.^^

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