May 21, 2011

Like a bush

 This is my favorite tree in my garden.

I have to clean up my garden, because I left here for 2 months.


Planthunter said...

Hello Makito
2 months is a long time
as there is intended to do much for you
Wish you happy working in the garden
Green Greetings Sandra

Hilde said...

Hi Maki.
It is a beautiful tree, I understand why you like it very much.
It must be nice to see your garden and the flowers again after two months. Have a good time gardening :)

hare said...

Hello, Sandra,
Yes! it's very long time. My garden is like a bush now.^^;
I have to clean up my garden from now.^^

hare said...

Hi, Hilde,
Yes, this tree is very beautiful.Thank you Hilde.^^

Prairie Painter said...

Your plants missed you! I'm sure they are happy to have you back!

hare said...

Prairie Painter,
Yes, they are waited for me. I felt it.^^

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