Oct 26, 2010

It was my trip in August this year.

The people who was watching dance in Kitayoshi in Yatsuo Toyama , a restaurant in Yatsuo lives in a completely different world than that of mine.
"Would you like to take some photos of a living national treasure?"
"Yes" I said.
"Please come here on the 1st day of September"
He handed me a business card.

I wondered why he was saying such a thing to me. I don't think he knew me.
When he found me, I was taking the photos of dancers in the courtyard of the restaurant, with my socks off, and then this idea came up in his mind. 
I forgot to bring my cards.
I wrote the URL of this blog on a notepad and handed it to him. oops, don't forget the phone number.
Anyway, this is how I met Ozawa Komin, the living national treasure.
And the day.

Is it hot there?


Parking my motorbike in Zuiryu-ji temple's parking space.
after that, "I have no idea because I've never been there" said the person drove me there.

"Is it dark where you are going? Oh, you haven't been there, you said"
"How long will it take to get there?"
"About 5 minutes"

Anyway, I took my riding suit off quickly in the passenger seat leaving a short pants and a white T-shirt under that. and with a tripod.
Well, it's 38.5 in Toyama prefecture.I never thought it would be this hot in Toyama.

And what now? Is he starting a fire? Jeez!!
I had no clue what he's making here at first.
After he explained for a while, it didn't make a lot of sense to me.

Though I usually have some research before I really meet people,
now I mention it, this time I didn't even know what this living national treasure makes.

When we left the room because of this heat, for a room used as a gallery, finally I understood what he makes.
Some sort of objects made out of metal? I guess...
While he was having 5 guests of him, I tried not to interrupt them. But while I was taking photographs, I had a feeling of hindrance.

I felt this person requires such way of taking photos.I took pictures only of Mr.Ozawa.
I didn't want to miss any moment, not even a second.
He had such strong eyes that made me pay attention even though I was not trying to listen to him seriously.There are some stories he told stuck in my head.

Translated by Sei (my son)

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