Oct 3, 2010

Fall flowers

I took these florwes this morning.
these are fall flowers in Japan.

Fall is very busy for next season.
And I love Fall.

We can see many flowers again.

This is a shadow shot.


Laura said...

Such intricate and delicate flowers Hare...very beautiful!

Christine said...

Oh, these are all so beautiful, Maki. Are they all lycoris?
I forgot about Shadow Shot Sunday today. Maybe next week. ^^

Hilde said...

These are beautiful flowers, and your photos are great!
I love fall too, but it is a busy time in the garden. So much to tidy and get ready for winter.

Hope you have a nice new week :)

amarilla said...

heart melts!

hare said...

Yes, there are in my garden. Red flowers are wild plant.
I love them.^^

hare said...

Yes, they are all lycoris.
My garden has a lot of lycoris.^^

Thank you about Shadow Shot Sunday.
I enjoy this.^^

hare said...

Yes! busy for winter.

I am going to go to trip for taking photo.^^
Thank you, have a nice fall.^^

hare said...

aren't they?^^

Prospero said...

Sensational, makiko. The color of the first flower is divine.

Prairie Painter said...

Wonderful Fall colors! Just beautiful! Yes, Fall is a favorite season of ours too!

flower delivery in the philippines said...

Nice post. I also love fall flowers. Thanks for sharing this post. Looking forward for your next post.


hare said...

Thank you delivery in the philippines,^^

hare said...

Prairie Painter,
Thank you for your comment. I am glad.^^
I came back yesterday from trip for 17days.^^

hare said...

I came back yesterday from trip.^^

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