Jun 13, 2011

waiting for the rain

It is rainy almost everyday.
They are waiting to rain today too, but ...


Prospero said...

Makiko, I have been away. I have missed your blog.

Prairie Painter said...

Beautiful greenery and blossoms! Have you had enough rain Maki? It keeps raining here - wish we could send you some if you need it!

hare said...

I know it, your blog is new! My blog will begin.
Thank you.^^

hare said...

Prairie Painter,
My hometown has had enough rain everyday.--;
Almost too much rain.^^; Today too.

I can't go to your hometown this year, because my country has big accident. So, I am waiting for next chance to go there. During this time I am going to have some exhibition in my hometown Kochi(here is safety area of Japan) this year.
However here is so small and very corner of Japan.

I went to Osaka last week to see my friend. And I told her about Prairie to go there with her.^^

Hilde said...

Beautiful flowers. I like the delicate colours. Great photos!
Hope the rain will come :)

Prairie Painter said...

Sorry about the rain Maki, we are too wet too. :( Best wishes for a fun exhibition in Kochi!

The prairie summer will wait for you any time you want!

hare said...

Oh, we have rain too much everyday.^^;
I like rain, but too much this year.

hare said...

Prairie Painter,
Oh, Thank you!
And I don't know yet this year to go there, I posted about your blog of link on my other Japanese blog MAKIKO's, because I hope Japanese people to know about there.

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