Dec 21, 2010

Clematis and Mitsumata

I found these in my garden this morning.

For next spring.


Prairie Painter said...

Fun seeing Clematis for the winter solstice! Ours are buried under the snow for their rest till springtime arrives again.

hare said...

Prairie painter,
Yes, you are. I saw your dreamy photo.^^

Hilde said...

So beautiful, I like the Clematis!

You are lucky to have flowers in bloom in your garden. In my garden there is only snow now.

amarilla said...

These are operatic and trenchantly gestural, full of profound articulations. The first one knocked the air out of my lungs, but I am breathing again now.

hare said...

Oh, you too.^^
Yes, I know your place. But, I would like to stay with snow sometimes.^^

hare said...



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