Nov 3, 2010

A wood-burning stove in my house

divided wood with an ax for my wood-burning stove yesterday.

warmed us last night.^^


Prairie Painter said...

Splitting and burning wood, warms you twice! Even three times if you count the enjoyment from the fire as well.

Scott said...

There is nothing like a wood burning stove to add a cozy feel to a home. Love the shot of the split wood next to the stove.

Hilde said...

That's a lot of wood for your wood burner, Hare. Well done!!
It's so nice to light a fire on cold evenings.

hare said...

prairie Painter,
Yes! Mind, body and life.^^

hare said...

I love watching at fire in the stove. It's so happy.^^

hare said...

Thank you. I have to do many times in this season. I love them too.^^

geraldgee said...

I have two wood burners in my house,keeps it very warm.

hare said...

Oh! you have them too.
Your winter is busy to wood for stove.
I love this warmth. I got this stove three years ago.^^

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