Aug 26, 2010

Next trip

I am going to go to next trip to take pictures since next Saturday for a week.

Have a nice Summer.^^

So, see you again.


geraldgee said...

Have a nice ride...Keep safe.

Christine said...

Have fun, Maki!!

Prospero said...

Wonderfully kinetic picture, Makiko. Have a pleasant trip. I'm sure that you will be taking many photographs.

Hilde said...

Hello Maki, now I have been catching up on your last blog posts. Very interesting dance photos!
Have a nice trip, I look forward to seeing your new photos :)

Planthunter said...

Hello Makito
have a nice tour!
grat pictures.
green greetings Sandra

hare said...

Thank you!
I am home yesterday morning. It was so nice trip!^^

hare said...

I am home Christine. It was so great trip! I will show you the pictures on my blog.^^

hare said...

Thank you Hilde, I am I look forward to show you.^^

hare said...

Thank you Sandra.
I was home yesterday morning.^^

hare said...

Yes, I took 92GB! Please see my photos, I will show you.^^

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